South London / Surrey Children’s Entertainers


Felicity Fairy and her team of Children’s Entertainer friends have flown into South London and Surrey – direct from Fairyland! Our Kids Parties are hosted by *Real* Pirates, Fairies, Mermaids and Alice in Wonderland – as all of our characters are played by professional actors.  Each entertainer arrives armed with a bottle of wishing dust, bubble wands, and a gourmet selection of smelly socks! Magical children right across Surrey and South London, who dreams of being a fairy princess or pirate hero, will love meeting the amazing characters from Felicity Fairy Children’s Entertainers


Willow Fairy

Fairy Willow“I live in the trunk of a beautiful willow Tree near Guildford” says Willow Fairy. ‘The door to my house is hidden at the bottom of the tree trunk but when I blow fairy dust – it appears. Inside there is a spiral staircase.  I have a friend called Woodchip  and he carved it for me.’

In Fairyland, Willow teaches  how to ride on the backs of butterflies, moths and birds. ‘Bumble bees are tricky to ride’  she says,  ‘Woodchip is naughty because he likes to chase them!’


Pirate Captain Cannonball Bob

Pirate Captain Cannonball Bob

“I live on my ship which is called called the Flying Penguin, currently moored in London’s Canary Wharf. I sail around with my loyal crew looking for adventure. She is not the biggest ship on the water but she is the fastest!! There is not a pirate alive that has ever caught Cannonball Bob!!”

“I generally eat boiled turnip sandwiches with flagons of rich goats milk (which we get from Tilly the goat who is onboard). At children’s parties I like to tell stories and teach the kids ships games! It also makes a nice change to eat the amazing food which the mums and dads bring along, as turnip sandwiches do get boring.”



Felicity Fairy Parties Felicity Fairy

Felicity Fairy has been sent by the Fairy Queen to bring a big dusting of magic to children at their birthday parties. The Queen had heard that modern children don’t believe in Elves, Pixies or Unicorns so she asked Felicity to take her fairy dust and bring some enchantment back into their lives!
Felicity had to make her wings extra strong to fly all the way to London and Surrey from her home in the Enchanted Woods, Fairyland.


Woodchip The Pixie

Woodchip the Pixie

 Pixies are rather naughty and Woodchip seems to be no exception!

“I love to play and cause a little bit of mischief from time to time. When I fly out from Fairyland, I emerge in People-land Woking and Guildford. I like to tease big peoples pets by whispering in the ears of the cats and dogs, and shouting things like “walkies” and “Dinner time” Hehe, they get very excited and sometimes they chase me down the bottom of the garden but i’m way to fast for them!”

Woodchip tried disgusing himself as a people for three years or so and during that time worked as a Redcoat organising children’s entertainment at Butlins. “I love laughter, childen are the best at giggling and laughing and some times they make me laugh so hard my belly aches for days afterwards!!”


Mermaid Kids PartiesFlotsam Mermaid

Flotsam lives in a cavern under the sea in Never Land. It’s lit by hundreds of tiny glow worms and her bed is a huge white shell encrusted with shiny jewels. Flotsam shares the cave with her sister Jetsam. Her best friend Canonball Bob lives in a pirate ship, that is currently moored in London’s Canary Wharf.
Flotsam says “Everything in People land is strange! No matter how many times the good witch gives me legs, it is strange to be walking on feet. I love how wonderful grass feels beneath them. Oh and dancing, I’m a little wobbly but I love dancing! Other strange things are those prongy things people eat with which would really be better used to brush your hair, and mirrors! It’s lovely to look at your reflection when it’s still rather than gazing into the water and seeing yourself all jiggly.”


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