Ages 3 & Under

TFairylandhe world seems a particularly huge and magical place when you are only three.  A visit from a special Fairyland character fills you with awe… and a handful of pixie dust from a real Fairy or Pirate is the best birthday present ever!

Young children have a shorter attention span, and for toddlers and pre-schoolers our parties are more about magical moments with a special character, rather than fast paced activities.

We have several different party plans little ones will love! Our party suggestions include:

  • A Fairy,  Pixie or Pirate hosting wish granting, story time, songs, pass-the-parcel and bubble-play (1 hour) 
  • A Fairy,  Pixie or Pirate hosting wish granting, story time, pass-the-parcel, a craft activity, casting a real magic spell,  with musical statues and a treasure hunt (2 hours)
  • Flipper the Clown and his balloon modelling, with children’s story telling (1 hour,  Sussex only)
  • Our famous Treasure Hunt Party plan hosted by a Fairy and Pixie (or Pirate) for mixed ages up to 7 years old.  This includes a short pantomime show, pass-the-parcel, craft activity, dancing games, casting a real magic spell and a treasure hunt.  (2 hours)

At all of our parties we ask that any children aged three years or younger have a parent sitting with them at all times to assist with the party activities.


To chat about any of these party plans please call Felicity on ph: 0777 922 0729

or pop an email over to:


Toddlers enjoy a magical party with Viola Fairy


 Our toddler and pre-schooler parties are available in:
Brighton,  Hove,  Lewes,  Shoreham, Crawley,  East and West Grinstead,  Chichester,  Horsham,  Forest Row and SUSSEX WIDE; Poole,  Bournemouth,  Christchurch,  Wincanton,  Weymouth,  Charlton and DORSET; Bristol,  Bath,  Taunton,  Bridgewater,  Yeovil,  Wells,  Frome, Western-Super-Mare, Nailsea and SOMERSET WIDE;  Kingswood,  Thornbury,  Lydney and SOUTH GLOUCESTERSHIRE; Maimesbury,  Chippenham,  Trowbridge,  Swindon and NORTH WILTSHIRE