Party Planning Policy

Alice' Fairy Party in Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset

At Felicity Fairy we specialise in hiring professional actors and actresses to host our parties. Each children’s entertainer attends several enhanced-training workshops a year, and performs character studies so our Fairy, Pirate, Mermaid and Monster characters are as realistic as possible! To the same end the majority of our costuming is tailored especially for us. I personally make each set of wings which are covered with up to 12 layers of organza and take about 20 hours to create. Each set must be big enough to lift our Fairy off the ground… after all at the end of each party we do FLY home!

Our parties are designed to have a handmade, bespoke feel. Each of our themed party events is carefully prepared in advance by a fully trained children’s entertainer. This includes hand-making the craft activities, pass-the-parcel, and materials for other games. Our gifts and prizes also match our parties with Fairy, Pirate, Mermaid and Sea Creature themes. You will not find any war-toys in our prizes! We purchase these in bulk for minimum packaging and recycle as much as possible! At Felicity Fairy Children’s Entertainers the environment is very important to us, and our parties often feature a small conservation message.

We believe our themed party events are the very best available in Sussex, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire and East Wales. Each children’s entertainer has been trained to the highest standard by Felicity Fairy herself.


Felicity Fairy Childrens Entertainer