Magical Extras

If you would like to add an even larger dash of Pixie Dust and enchantment to your child’s party here are some wonderful extra options:



Photographic Shoot with Viola Fairy

Our magical Fairy Viola is also a professional photographer.  Keep a beautiful memento of  your special day by booking her for an hour following the party to photograph the children and guests.

Viola Fairy specialises in soft, natural looking, creative images. A photographic booking will include a portrait of each child, a group shot of the birthday girl and all of her special friends; and some natural images of the children playing together.

For more information ask Felicity Fairy when confirming your party booking.



Flipper ClownFlipper Clown the Balloon Tamer

Meet one of Fairyland’s more eccentric residents!

Flipper the Clown is a comedy artist and balloon tamer. Cute little animals, flowers, fairies, Flipper can make them all! He is even able to craft the birthday child their own fairy head band and matching balloon wings!

For a very special gift each child can take home after the party, make a request for Flipper’s balloon taming.  This is a lot more exciting than the usual goodie bag and something special everyone will remember!