Felicity Fairy has a selection of special performances

for Weddings, Festivals, Christmas Parties and other Events:

The Secret Garden Show

The Secret Garden Show at Groombridge Place

Our poor Pixie is having a bad day and needs the help of the children to cheer him up. With the help of his best Fairy friend the entire audience reads his favourite story, makes magic wands and casts a cheer up spell on him! Now our delighted Pixie is ready to reveal the Secret Garden – full of sleeping faeries and their treasures.

Suitable for up to 30 children, aged 3 – 7, this show requires a very special area with natural surroundings.  It is 45 minutes long, including a walk through the trees to meet the sleeping fairies. At Festivals we often perform it three times a day.

The Tiger Taming Show

The Tiger Taming Show, 3 Wishes Fest

Felicity Fairy and her Pixie best friend have a real circus show planned, but it all goes horribly wrong! The Pixie plans to save the day with an authentic live tiger he has been training in secret. But where is this tiger? Felicity will find out soon enough when the Pixie teaches the audience a magic spell to turn her into one! Madness and mayhem ensues culminating in a circus style hula hoop show performed by Ms Felicity ‘Fluffy Puss-kins’ Tiger.

This laugh a minute show is suitable for any sized audience of all ages. For larger venues, microphones and a PA system may need to be provided.

The Faerie Queene’s Tea Party

Felicity as the Faerie Queene

Felicity Fairy has been a Tooth Fairy, a Flower Fairy, Guardian Fairy to the animals and now she is the Birthday Fairy! This is because one day Felicity will be Faerie Queene, but she needs to learn all about magic and try every job in Fairyland first!                        Join Felicity to hear of her adventures, enjoy juice and biscuits while making magic wands – and then set out for spell practise on the grown ups! The tea party is aprox 30mins long, for up to 20 children of ages 4 – 8, and requires a quiet setting where we can all sit in a circle.

Treasure Hunting and Games

Three legged racing for Treasure!

Children of all ages love nothing more than a wild all terrain hunt for Fairyland Treasure! This is fantastic at Weddings and Festivals with a large outdoor site. We weave a collection of clues, play some games and challenges in between, and after a fantastic romp finally find the magical Treasure Box! Each child can then choose a special prize to take home.

The Treasure Hunt takes 45 minutes to an hour. Ask us about ending the Hunt with a Pinata!

Wandering Wish Granting, Story Telling and Bubble Play


Aerial Acrobatics

Felicity on our outdoor Aerial Rig


What more could you wish for than the enchanting sight of a real Fairy flying through the air on her trapeze?!  Felicity has more than ten years professional experience as an aerial acrobat and has travelled with two international circuses.

For most venues, Felicity provides all the required technical apparatus and will rig it herself. Please contact fyre-faery@wildmail.com for specs regarding indoor/stage rigging.

Felicity also has a 6 meter high portable rig for outdoor events. This suits trapeze and silks only, and requires 10m x 7m grass expanse for set up.

Face Painting


For information about walkabout, treasure hunts and compèring drop us a line at:

Fyre-faery@wildmail.com. For details of our street theatre and circus shows visit Circus Performance by clinking on the tab to your right.