Fairy Story

Once Upon A Time….

a little bird whispered in the Fairy Queens ear something worrying.  Children didn’t believe in fairies any more! Now the Fairies need children to water their gardens, to make wishes on stars, love all the animals and remind their parents to re-use and re-cyle; so something had to be done! In fact if children stopped believing in Fairies,  they would all slowly disappear, and there would be no Fairyland left for anyone to fly home to!


The Fairy Queen called a meeting with all of her family; Princes and Princesses from near and far,  Knights and Maidens from far and near.  Even Neptune,  King of the Sea,  and his beautiful Mermaid wife came to help decide what to do.  “We need someone to volunteer for a very dangerous task”,  said the Fairy Queen.  “Some of you must go to People-land where the big people live and let the children see you, so that they believe in us again.”


The Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen


“Oh no!!” said the Fairy Princes, “They might capture us and put us in jars!”


“Oh no!!” said the Fairy Princesses, “They might say they don’t believe in Fairies!”


“Oh no!! ” said the Fairy Knights, “They might use magic spells to turn us into potatoes!”


“Oh no!!” said the Fairy Maidens,  “I don’t think they have magic there…  but sometimes they cook our mushroom houses and eat them up for breakfast!”


“We can’t let children from People-land see us!” the Fairy Queen’s family all cried.


But one more Fairy had something to say. She was a very young Fairy,  only 702 years old, and dressed all in purple with pretty colours tired into her hair. She had been working as a Flower Fairy looking after blue bells and drew drops…  but before that she had been a Tooth Fairy. Now, when she had been a Tooth Fairy, this purple Fairy had taken teeth from lots of sleeping children and left them some People-land money.  But once or twice a child had woken up and seen her! When this happened she had spoken to them, and they all seemed quite friendly. In fact this Fairy loved children and didn’t think they were scary at all.  Her name was Felicity and she was also the Fairy Queen’s only granddaughter.


“Excuse me your Majesty” she said,  “I would really love to visit the children in People-land,  and I know lots of my friends would love to come too. We could do nice things,  like grant wishes and play games with them.  Maybe even teach them a real magic spell!”


"Could we come along?" asked Felicity 's friends.

“Could we come along?” asked Felicity ‘s friends.


“Yes,  that’s a wonderful idea”,  said the Fairy Queen.  “You could visit the children on special days like Birthdays and Christmas and remind them to look after the animals and flowers for us. Because we Fairies are the spirits of nature and we do need the help of children to look after our earth.”


And so the Fairy Queen waved her Magic Wand and cast a very special spell. She gave her granddaughter Felicity the magical powers of shape changing so she and her friends could make themselves big. Wow! Felicity was so excited she gathered her best friends together; Pirates from Never Never Land, Pixies from the Enchanted Woods and the Fairies from the toadstool houses next door. They practised People-land games such as pass-the-parcel (you-naughty-rascal), musical statues and eating chocolick (a kind of People-land mud) with a knife and fork. They collected lots of lovely treasures from Fairyland for the children to play with. They even practiced happiness spells to teach the children,  so the children would be able to make all of the world a happier place! Then they were ready. With a big dusting of wishing dust Felicity cast her spell so that her friends could make themselves big.


So now if you would like a REAL Fairy, Pirate or Pixie at your birthday party, its easy! All you need to do is close your eyes and wish really hard (or get a grown-up to give Felicity Fairy a call on your magic talking machine. That works too).


Felicity Fairy and Friends ph: 0777 922 0729

Or pop an email over to info@felicityfairyparties.co.uk


Felicity and some of her Fairy Friends

Angelina Sparkle,  Alicia Fairy,  Felicity Fairy and Trixie Pixie (front)


Felicity and her Fairy, Pirate and Pixie friends fly to visit special children all over East Sussex, Dorset and Bristol. They are:

Apple Blossom (with her castle in an apple-tree)

Ivy Emerald (who sings wherever she goes)

Luna Fairy (who dances with the stars and rainbows)

Shimmer Lilly (our water Fairy)

Angelina Sparkle (the Fairy dressmaker)

Avalon Fairy (chief musician to the Fairy King and Queen)

Willow Fairy (she teaches flying lessons)

Alicia Fairy (who can also provide Fairy catering!)

Trixie Pixie (Felicity’s naughty best friend)

Tickles the Pixie (he lives in the mud under a stone)

Teaspoon the Pixie (who gets things wrong a lot)

Cupcake the Pixie (so cute but not the cleverest)

Woodchip the Pixie (the fairies carpenter)

Cross Bones the Pirate (sailing the seven seas)

Cannon Ball Bob (with his best friend Pirate Carrot)

And Captain Pistol Jack (hoist the flag me hearties)


Felicity Fairy and has been hosting children’s parties, and entertaining at weddings and festivals for more than ten years. All of her entertainers have been hand picked and personally trained to bring magic and joy to children on their special day. Our party themes have been designed to encourage children’s imaginations, with treasure hunts, magic wand making and spell casting, pirate adventures and fairy discos! We bring everything we need, all the games, prizes and craft materials; even a portable stereo, so on the big day parents can relax.