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Undersea Mermaid Parties For Children

We have so many parents asking for food and decorating ideas for parties, it was delightful when one of our customers decided to start a blog, featuring exactly that!

Kelly Harmer, a mother to Isla (now 6) and Emmie (aged 2) booked our gorgeous Saffire Mermaid for a girl’s sea themed birthday party earlier this year, and the results were just bubble-tastic! 

Saffire Mermaid attends Isla’s 6th birthday


Kelly has created a detailed blog with design and decoration suggestions, tips on themed party food and many gorgeous photographs. I’m sure these will assist any creative parent looking for extra ideas for their planned Mermaid Party theme!!

Here is a direct link to her stunning Undersea Party themed page:

And more details on our Mermaid Party Plan are here:

Small Mermaid Party

We really enjoyed reading Kelly’s article, I’m sure you will too. 





Felicity and Muddlehead in France

The first of Felicity Fairy and Muddlehead the Pixie’s quirky photo stories, photographed on their adventures in France. These stories were created to be published in FAE Magazine ( while Felicity and Muddlehead were traveling across Europe, with the goal of making it to Fairyland Morocco! Felicity Fairy And Friends Children’s Entertainment was originally set up by the pair in Brighton, Sussex, to host magically themed parties for local children. They had runt he company for three years, before taking a break for this artistic project, an eight month break photographing Fairy adventures from ‘Beastie’ the Ford Transit van. 


Fairy photo story in France

Felicity and Muddlehead – Favourite Things

These adventures of Felicity Fairy and Muddlehead the Pixie were photographed around Brighton and Cornwall. For those who are Sussex locals the fountain might be familiar! In between hosting children’s parties Felicity Fairy and Muddlehead had various projects, including the creation of these photo stories for FAE (Faeries And Enchantment Magazine, back issues available at ). They also were the onstage compares at Faery Balls hosted by Karen Kay Events, and provided Entertainment at festivals across the UK and Europe. 

Here are Felicity Fairy and Muddlehead the Pixie in ‘Favourite Things’ :


Fairy photo story - favourite things

Felicity and Muddlehead in London

Felicity Fairy and her mischievous side kick Muddlehead the Pixie have been commissioned by the Fairy Queen herself to investigate the activities of mortals in People-land.  This lovely photostories were originally published in FAE Magazine (the UK’s Faery culture and lifestyle magazine, back issues are available at  In the London episode Felicity Fairy and Muddlehead the Pixie are joined by the crazy Seelie Court Theatre, visiting some famous monuments, and getting into trouble, as usual.  


Fairy And Pixie Photostory