Small Mermaid Party

The Mermaid’s Undersea Garden

Hosted by a magical mermaidSaphire Mermaid

For up to 15 children, aged 3-8 years

Deep below the oceans rippling waves a beautiful Mermaid longs to be on land. In her undersea garden she wonders what cars look like, what animals do who cannot swim, what the sun feels like on a pair of legs… But most of her Wish is to meet human children! They seem so full of happiness and laughter! With some magic from Felicity Fairy the Mermaid is granted her wish… Imagine the delight when your child and this Undersea Princess meet each other!

Mesmerise your child with tales of Another World

This is a very personal party in which each child gets a lot of individual attention. We also start this party with a magic bubble fish! Children of all ages love to pass it around and watch the bubbles float up into the air! We are often asked if the party is suitable for boys as well.  Yes it is!  Our Mermaid will describe her best friend the Swashbuckling Pirate,  and little tricks and jokes he has arranged will appear throughout the party.  The boys just love this,  but you are also welcome to book our Pirate to host the party himself!


Flotsam Mermaid with Captain Cannonball Bob


  Saphire Mermaid The Mermaid’s Undersea Garden Includes:

  • Wish Granting For The Birthday Child
  • Pass the Magic Bubble Fish
  • Undersea Storytime
  • Pass-The-Parcwel
  • Shell Necklace or Crown Making
  • Musical Statues
  • Sea Buried Treasure Hunt
  • Birthday Child’s Crowning Parade
  • Birthday Tea Break
  • Cake Ceremony
  • Group Photograph

Our entertainers bring everything they need: pass-the-parcel, games, sweets, stickers, craft materials and a treasure box prize for each child.  We can also provide a portable music player.


Our Requirements:

  • One or more Birthday Children
  • A chair for the Mermaid
  • Power point for the music system
  • A dry venue:

INDOORS: We recommend holding this party in a small hall, a barn,  or at home. The magic of this party is about the children being in a Undersea Grotto with a real Mermaid,  and this works better in a confined space rather than a large and echoing hall. If you are concerned as to the size of your living room,  imagine pushing all the furniture pushed to the edges and the children sitting in a circle on the floor. The bubble machine can be messy,  so it’s nice to have a kitchen lino or wooden floor for this part! We recommend having a seperate area for parents if possible,  for volume purposes.

OUTDOORS: A park or garden makes a beautiful Mermaid’s Grotto.  A marquee,  gazebo or bell tent with blankets and cushions on the ground is just lovely.  Most importantly have a wet weather back up plan! Please have a room nearby prepared,  as even in summer the British weather is unpredictable.


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The Mermaid’s Undersea Garden Party is available in:
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